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Papageien auf einem Ast

Ornamental birds

Do you like ornamental birds? Great! With us you will learn everything you need about budgies, small parrots, canaries and zebra finches. You get a “knowledge driving license” and if you pass it you get a certificate. Curious?

Just keep reading ;-).

Image by Tawhid Khan

Who the group is suitable for

This group is suitable for children from around 9 years of age who, for example, cannot or are not allowed to keep pet birds at home.

What are your tasks?

After you have taken our knowledge test, you will help look after the pet birds at least 2 days a week: feeding them, cleaning cages and toys, etc.

Since a significant proportion of our pet birds come from animal welfare (poor husbandry or old animals), you are making a major contribution to animal welfare.

Image by Standsome Worklifestyle

Knowledge test?

Yes! We'll teach you everything you need to know about pet birds. Afterwards there is a test with questions. If you pass it, you will receive a badge and a certificate. But, don't worry: if you pay attention, it will be very easy.

Does “joining in” cost anything?

We are a club, so there is a small monthly fee. There is a monthly fee of €5 for children and young people aged 6 to 18.

If your parents can prove they have need (e.g. citizen's benefit), "joining in" is completely free. Kids with disabilities are also free.

Image by Robert Schwarz
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