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Visit to the district show

Day trip, just for us :-). Visit to the “district show for pedigree poultry and pedigree rabbits” of the Suhl district association in Viernau. We met with Thomas Jäger (T315), who we immediately asked to include his winning rabbit in the picture. Thomas breeds "Dutch rabbits - Japanese colored" and produced an incredibly beautiful winner with 97.5 out of 100 points. This high score is actually very, very rare, so: CONGRATULATIONS!

As you know, from next year we will be working more closely with the Suhl rabbit breeders: This means that we will bring interested children and young people into direct contact with the breeders of the different breeds, and vice versa we will receive advice from the breeders.

But that's not all: in the future there will be joint campaigns that we will communicate to daycare centers and schools. Whenever there are exhibitions of poultry and rabbit breeders, daycare centers and primary schools have the opportunity to see the exhibition free of charge the day before the exhibition opens. This is a so-called "intermediate day" on which the assessment takes place. Advantage for the kids, more space and better visibility without the long legs of adults. :-)

Btw. Today the decision was made not to photograph the kids (including ours), data protection etc...

In the next few days there will be a few pictures of some of the impressive animals from this circular show. For today it's Thomas Jäger with his Dutch rabbits (very suitable for kids).

Dutch rabbit Japanese colored. With 97.5 points, the winning animal at the Suhl district association show in 2023.

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