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"Support Association of the Zoo School Suhl" founded

Registration for eV and non-profit status is or will be applied for

Suhl Zoo School Support Association founded - graphic
Suhl Zoo School Support Association

On March 18, 2024, the Suhl Zoo School's Friends Association was founded! Our goal? Nothing less than preserving and modernizing the legacy of Mr. Zellin, the founder of the zoo school over 50 years ago. You heard right, Mr. Zellin has been putting his voluntary work into the social service of our region for almost 50 years (founded in 1976).

For the future, we are relying on a mixture of tradition and innovation to transform (modernize) the zoo school into a modern youth and social facility.

What do we hope for? That those responsible in the city of Suhl are as enthusiastic about our mission as we are! In our discussions with those responsible, all parties emphasize their interest in preserving the zoo school as an important social and educational institution.

Our support association should be a solid and reliable structure that supports this project with all its might. But we are not complete yet! We are looking for enthusiastic supporters who want to stand side by side with us and continue and expand the valuable voluntary work for the zoo school. Join us and be part of this exciting journey into the future of the Suhl Zoo School!

We will let you know shortly how you can take part. You can find some important information at

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