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Füttern Meerschweinchen

Guinea pigs and mice

Do you like guinea pigs and mice? Great! With us you will learn everything you need to know about guinea pigs and how to keep them. You get a “knowledge driving license”, if you choose it, you get a certificate and you get to choose your godparent Meeri. You then take responsibility for this guinea pig; it is then essentially your protégé.

Just keep reading ;-).

Image by Jamie Dorman

For whom is it suitable

This group is suitable for school-age children who, for example, cannot or are not allowed to keep guinea pigs or mice at home. Kindergarten children can take part accompanied by their parents.

What are your tasks?

After you have completed our knowledge license, you can choose a sponsor and look after her “personally” at least 2 days a week: feeding, cleaning out, grooming, petting, etc.


Your big advantage: If you don't have time because you're sick or on vacation with your parents... then we'll automatically take care of the animal.

Image by Jaroslaw Slodkiewicz
Image by Standsome Worklifestyle

Knowledge test?

Yes! We'll teach you everything you need to know about mice and guinea pigs. Afterwards there is a test with questions. If you pass it, you will receive a badge and a certificate. But, don't worry: if you pay attention, it will be very easy.

Does “joining in” cost anything?

We are a club, so there is a small monthly fee. There is a monthly fee of €5 for children and young people aged 6 to 18.

If your parents can demonstrate need (e.g. citizen's benefit), your monthly contribution will be paid by a government program. Kids with disabilities are free.

Image by Amjith S

Breeding guinea pigs


We offer children aged 9 and over the opportunity to set up a breeding community and breed guinea pigs. A group includes at least 2 children/young people.

The group's work is supervised by the "Guinea Pig Friends of Germany", Bavarian regional association. Together with the Bavarian regional association, the kids have the opportunity to visit other breeders and exhibitions. Together we look for and procure suitable breeding animals and help you achieve your own breeding success.

The offspring are passed on with the help of the “Zoo Retail”, the “TierKita” portal and the Bavarian State Association.

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